How do we work?

We are constantly developing, following the market and the business needs of our partners

We are partners in business and technology innovation

We know from our daily work that a business needs to continuously improve and develop its operations and production to survive. With our experience and our human-scale, accessible technology, we can help your business realise its vision and increase its efficiency. We can help you if you just want to keep up, but also if you want to take a big step!

We are constantly evolving, following the market and our partners' business needs

As an SME, we too experience the difficulty of making decisions, the daily bravery and the need to rely on ourselves to solve problems. We are committed to what we do and always in a good mood. We continuously develop our products and services based on market trends and our partners' business needs.

Our way of working

At telepfelü, we work at a fast pace, in short, sequential sprints. After a quick identification of the main orientations and objectives, we will develop a simple to implement solution proposal. Using our technology, we develop and establish an easy-to-use and quickly profitable solution.

The process of implementation


In an online or face-to-face needs assessment meeting, we will get to know the details of the task to be solved, and learn about the client's business requirements. We build on our own experience and look at the problems to gain a full understanding.

Implementation, installation

We will start and, if possible, complete the deployment and commissioning of the ordered solution within 4 weeks of the order.


We guarantee the operation after delivery. We ensure continuous availability through our dedicated online customer service and error reporting interface, or by personal contact if necessary. We will be there after installation and, if necessary, fine-tune the solution according to the customer's needs.

After the online or face-to-face needs assessment meeting, we undertake to prepare an overview documentation of the survey within 1 week and propose solutions to the given task or possible improvement points.

We discuss the proposals and suggestions with our client and after clarifying the needs and ideas, we make a binding offer.

The handover of the flexible, customised system will be completed with training, following the deployment and setup of the online interface.

Identifying future improvement points

We believe in predictable, collaborative partnerships. As part of the collaboration, we continuously monitor new needs as they arise and flexibly develop and complement the solution already in place.

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