Sensor-based enclosure monitoring system for pig farmers

What does telepfelügyelet.hu offer - pigs?

Designed for pig farmers, our product allows remote monitoring of livestock and the farm through sensor-based measurement and control of housing conditions and operational parameters.

In addition to expertise and experience, continuous monitoring of management is essential for efficient production and high yields. Increasingly stringent animal welfare requirements for housing conditions, as well as directives to reduce emissions associated with meat production, are encouraging pig farmers to modernise and continuously improve. We are partners in development with our digital solutions.

Details of our solution

We use long-life sensors and data loggers, specially designed for pig farms, to continuously measure key parameters of the enclosures and cutting rooms and monitor the functioning of the technologies used (feeding, watering, ventilation, air quality, heating, cooling, lighting).

Measured parameters



Water and electricity consumption

Power outage

Operation of machinery and equipment

Door opening detection


Other parameters can be measured on request. Other parameters can be measured on request.

Show correlations based on measured data.

It can be expanded with additional sensors, devices and existing systems can be connected.


Among other things, you can use telepfelügyelet.hu to answer the following questions

  • How is the air quality, what is the ammonia saturation level?
  • How to improve daily weight gain?
  • Is the temperature in the enclosure ideal, is the ventilation adequate?
  • Are feeding, watering and lighting techniques appropriate?
  • To what extent are the results improved after the intervention?

The benefits of telepfelügyelet.hu - pigs

The system has already been proven in several domestic pig farms.

Our services

Real-time, continuous remote access

from anywhere, at any time, you can see the current parameters of the installation and the stock online!

Alarms for critical values

you will be notified immediately of any problems either by email or SMS!

Reports, summaries, activity logs

we analyse and evaluate the data according to your needs, so you can manage more successfully!

Configurable user rights naplózás

we make your colleagues' work easier too!

All information in one place

in a clear, easy-to-use interface!

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