Why telepfelü

Higher yield, healthy animals

We take you through the process from understanding the problem to deployment. We support the implementation and operation.

From the sensors to the display interface, the system is self-developed and can therefore be perfectly customised to the customer's needs, flexible implementation.

We deliver solution. We also offer partnership opportunities that go beyond deployment. We support you and think together.

We offer a simple to implement and predictably cost-effective solution. We take you step-by-step, on request, offering solutions to the most significant problems in data collection and processing. 

The data is held by the enterprise that generates it. We help you produce the data, make it visible and help you interpret it. Our partners' data is secure, guaranteed by our certified information security technology.

Our first priority is to enable our clients to work efficiently and to ensure that the solution we implement enhances their capabilities and improves their decision-making. We therefore ensure a high level of interoperability: we are happy to make the data and information we collect available to other contracted service providers on request, but we are also able to take data and information from systems already in use.


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