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At Cubilog Digital, we work at a fast pace, in short, mutually reinforcing sprints. After quickly identifying the main directions and goals, we develop a solution proposal that can be easily applied. Using our technology, we develop and establish an easy-to-use and quickly profitable solution.


Implementation, installation

Within 4 weeks of the order, we will start and, if possible, complete the construction and commissioning of the ordered solution.


Concept creation, consultation, order

After the online or personal needs assessment meeting, we undertake to prepare the overview documentation of the survey within 1 week and propose a solution to the given task or possible improvement points. We discuss the proposal and suggestions with our client, and after clarifying the needs and ideas, we make a binding offer.



In the context of an online or personal needs assessment meeting, we get to know the details of the task to be solved and find out about the client's business expectations. Based on our own experience, or by looking into the problems, we strive for a comprehensive understanding.


Determination of future development points

We believe in a predictable, long-term cooperation. As part of the partnership, we constantly follow emerging new needs and flexibly develop and supplement the already introduced solution.



After the handover, we guarantee operation. We provide continuous availability through our online administration and error reporting interface created for this purpose, or with personal contact if necessary. We will be there even after commissioning and, if necessary, fine-tune the solution according to the customer's needs. ​


Handover and implementation support

The delivery of the flexible system, tailored to individual customer needs, ends with training after the construction and setting up of the online interface.

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