Digital solution for dairy cattle farmers to increase production efficiency

What does telepfelü - cattle offer?

Temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters have a major influence on the general condition of cows and thus on milk yield. The telepfelü system helps to create optimal housing conditions for the animals by monitoring the microclimate in the stables. And by measuring the various machines, equipment (e.g. pumps, manure handling machines, etc.) and consumption values, we support the more efficient and safe operation of the production process.

Using our solution, you can get up-to-date information on your barn microclimate and production data via the internet, even by phone. Knowing the data can give you early warning of changes in thermal stress or other external conditions affecting production, or even equipment failure, and by choosing the right intervention, you can prevent trouble and maintain productivity.

Details of our solution

Long-life sensors and data loggers designed for livestock farms will be installed in the stables and equipment concerned. The data is sent to our servers using a secure, private mobile data connection, where it is presented in an online, anytime accessible application that displays the data collected and the information created from the data.

Measured parameters




Light measurement

Water and electricity consumption

Operating parameters of machinery and equipment

Air quality

Other parameters can be measured on request. In fact, we also undertake the design and development of individual measurement solutions.

Show correlations based on measured data.

It can be expanded with additional sensors, devices and existing systems can be connected.

Among other things, you can use telepfelü to answer the following questions

  • How much water do animals drink?
  • What is the climate in which part of the barn?
  • Is the feed mixer or milking machine working properly?
  • Does the performance of the separator deteriorate?
  • How does the THI evolve over a given time interval?
  • What is the relationship between milk yield and THI, broken down by period?

The benefits of telepfelü - cattle

Our services

Real-time, continuous remote access

from anywhere, at any time, you can see the current parameters of the installation and the stock online!

Alarms for critical values

you will be notified immediately of any problems either by email or SMS!

Reports, summaries, activity logs

we analyse and evaluate the data according to your needs, so you can manage more successfully!

Configurable user rights

we make your colleagues' work easier too!

All information in one place

in a clear, easy-to-use interface!

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