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I am Balázs Weibel the mastermind and founder. As a kid, I spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm. I saw how much energy and seemingly unnecessary time they spend o tasks that do not affect growth and yield, obviously later on, when I was an adult, did I understand that these “checks” were necessary and still are today, but today they can be done remotely, even automatically, with the help of sensors.

Thus, the oft-quoted sentence, which is said almost daily in every farming family: “there is the farm, which must not be left alone for a minute” is only half true.

I created this business and we developed telepfelügyelet.hu system so that even a farmer can have free time and do whatever he wants.

Great professional and real team players joined the company form the beginning. Together with them, we started a development focused on accessible solution, first in the field of  agriculture, especially in the field of intensive animal husbandry. Our goal was to create a service based on sensory technology that would really serve the needs of our target group and not just build on good marketing and try to lure them in a direction that is convenient for us.

From the beginning, we have been driven by costumer focus and efficient search for solutions. In cooperation with our customers, based on their needs, our activity has been evolving and developing since then, and the range of areas and sectors we serve is expanding. Seeing that there is a need and demand for our highly scalable and flexible solution, in addition to supporting livestock keepers, we started to offer services to the food industry and other manufacturing plants, largely at the request of our customers.

With our sensor IoT (internet of things) solution that we have developed and kept in our hands since then, in addition to precision animal husbandry, we also work in the field of Industry 4.0, we can offer a solution for the digitalisation development of virtually any production plant.

As a domestic SME, we can see and often experience the uncertainties, demands and limitations faced by companies like us operating in other fields. With our services, we specifically seek to solve the needs of SMEs within the framework of the opportunities given to them, flexibly and always to the extent necessary, cost-effectively and sustainably.

Weibel Balázs

Weibel Balázs


A farmer can also have free time and do whatever he wants!

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